Our Workshops

Mechanicals repairs in workshop

2-1-entretien-travaux-atelier.jpgIntegral knowledge of the naval and industrial sectors along with our skills in the fields of mechanics and hydraulics have lead to regular interventions by Ets F. MEUNIER for maintenance and repairs operations on industrial vehicles: fire engines, boom lifts, gantry cranes, etc.

Renowned Manufacturing Workshops

3_tournage_tambour.jpgOur operations require the use of manufacturing techniques such as turning, milling, etc. They are conducted either onsite or in our various Ets F. MEUNIER and partner workshops, both for repairs and manufacturing.


Engine resurfacing, one of the oldest procedures carried out at Ets F. MEUNIER, is still available in all of our workshops.




patrouilleur opv64 

The Moroccan navy patrol boats “EL MAER” and “EL RAHBI” have been in our Lorient premises since September and will be undergoing technical maintenance over the next year. During this procedure, Ets MEUNIER will check all of the coupled lines, generators, steering devices, other devices and embedded mechanical systems.

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