Maintenance Mécanique
Naval Maintenance

Naval Mechanical Operations


Ets F.MEUNIER specialise in the installation, renovation and maintenance of mechanical equipment onboard military or civilian ships; from the propulsion system: motor, propeller, reducer, reverser, line shaft, etc., to steering devices and other auxiliary equipment: electrical generators, pumps, compressors, ground tackle, windlasses, winches, etc.


Our teams can intervene on ships in the port, at sea, in the harbour or in dry docks. Our organisation and our teams' versatility means we are well equipped to intervene during technical stops both in France and abroad.

Renowned expertise and working methods


In addition to our operations, we also have mechanics and manufacturing workshops. Our industry-standard equipment helps to add to the speed and precision of our repairs.


Our technicians intervene in assessment, tests and commissioning, and specialise in video endoscopies, alignment and laser calibration, vibratory control, deglazing and roughness measurements, magnetoscopy, etc.

The SECREN, shipyard in Diego Suarez (Madagascar), called upon the knowhow of Ets F. MEUNIER in order to improve its technical services and to develop its activities in the Indian Ocean area.

An experienced team


Our technicians attend regular training sessions. This, along with our commitment to quality services and our many years of experience means that we are a trusted partner of a number of diesel engine manufacturers. For many years, Ets F. MEUNIER has thus upheld onto its status as an official MTU agent, an accredited MAN Diesel-Pielstick repairs station.


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  logo-secren-nail.png  Ets F. MEUNIER is a member of the Bretagne Pole Naval shipbuilding association  
Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Mechanical Operations


Ets F.MEUNIER perfom mechanical maintenance operations in the industrial sector on diesel engines and their associated components, as well as on production lines.

Our teams of service technicians conduct regular overhauls of diesel engines installed in both factories and power stations in France and abroad, both for manufacture and repairs.

Thanks to our direct links with manufacturers, particularly with MTU, we are also able to provide spare parts.

Within the context of the installation or modification of lines, technical maintenance stops or short-term work, we also work with mechanical and hydraulic production line equipment: reducers, presses, compressors, etc.

Managing Technical Projects


Drawing on know-how from the MEUNIER-INDUSTRIES group, we can manage a complete project from initial study, manufacturing, construction in the warehouse or onsite, to implementation and delivery.

Our technicians are experienced users of video endoscopy, alignment and laser calibration, vibratory control, deglazing and roughness measurements, magnetoscopy, etc.

Lifting and Handling Interventions

3_portique_industriel.jpgIn partnership with specialised companies, our teams benefit from expert skills for the reparation or renovation of industrial and naval lifting and handling mechanisms: cranes, gantries, hoists, bridges, etc.


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Our Workshops

Mechanicals repairs in workshop

2-1-entretien-travaux-atelier.jpgIntegral knowledge of the naval and industrial sectors along with our skills in the fields of mechanics and hydraulics have lead to regular interventions by Ets F. MEUNIER for maintenance and repairs operations on industrial vehicles: fire engines, boom lifts, gantry cranes, etc.

Renowned Manufacturing Workshops

3_tournage_tambour.jpgOur operations require the use of manufacturing techniques such as turning, milling, etc. They are conducted either onsite or in our various Ets F. MEUNIER and partner workshops, both for repairs and manufacturing.


Engine resurfacing, one of the oldest procedures carried out at Ets F. MEUNIER, is still available in all of our workshops.




patrouilleur opv64 

The Moroccan navy patrol boats “EL MAER” and “EL RAHBI” have been in our Lorient premises since September and will be undergoing technical maintenance over the next year. During this procedure, Ets MEUNIER will check all of the coupled lines, generators, steering devices, other devices and embedded mechanical systems.

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