Company History
groupe-meunier.jpgIn 1934, François MEUNIER established a workshop in the centre of Brest for repairing engines: Établissements F. MEUNIER. After the Second World War, the workshop moved to Route de Quimper, also in Brest, where it remained until 1968. It then relocated to Kergonian, an industrial area of the town, and closer to the headquarters of the newly created MEUNIER INDUSTRIES.

During the 1960s, the company grew thanks to a stable local clientele and repairs on military engines, thus combining both manufacture and maintenance.

The sites in Quimper and Lorient opened in 1956 and 1965 respectively.

Regional development continued with another site opening in Vannes in 1974 thus expanding to include the growing agricultural market.


Today, the company has 130 partners over four sites, with an annual turnover of around €15m.


Throughout the company's long history, we have prided ourselves on our commitment to services and customer satisfaction.

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patrouilleur opv64 

The Moroccan navy patrol boats “EL MAER” and “EL RAHBI” have been in our Lorient premises since September and will be undergoing technical maintenance over the next year. During this procedure, Ets MEUNIER will check all of the coupled lines, generators, steering devices, other devices and embedded mechanical systems.

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